Astra: Simplify how you protect, move and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Astra helps you prevent application downtime and data loss, reduce time-consuming operations and scales to fit your needs.

Built from Kubernetes for Kubernetes

Astra enables teams to focus on delivering cloud-native applications with full confidence in their data infrastructure. Astra provides a unified platform to protect, move and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments​.

Astra Control

Astra Control unlocks the power of Kubernetes to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity and enhance IT operational efficiencies.

Astra Control provides application-aware data protection and mobility for stateful Kubernetes applications powered by NetApp’s trusted technology.

Astra Trident

Astra Trident provides orchestration and data connectivity for Kubernetes applications. It is a Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver and is deployed as a free open source offering from NetApp.

Astra Data Store

Astra Data Store is a Kubernetes-native shared file service for container and VM workloads. It provides a scalable, resilient platform with automatic enterprise data management suitable for all your Kubernetes workloads.

Build a cloud-native operation with Astra

Astra delivers a rich set of application-aware data management functionality for running business-critical Kubernetes applications.  

Why data protection and mobility for Kubernetes applications

Respond to data protection needs for business-critical Kubernetes apps.

Secure your Kubernetes deployment

Prevent time consuming and wrenching data-loss.

NetApp Astra Control use cases

Take a deep dive into the use cases that Astra addresses.

Having managed data rich stateful applications on Kubernetes and knowing the complexity involved, we're thrilled to have NetApp’s Astra service to simplify operations for small and large deployments alike.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow and VP of Platform & Services Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

the remote company

We liked working with NetApp and the Astra team because our feedback was received immediately and if something needed to be changed it was fixed really fast, and that is priceless.

Nikola Milojević, CTO, The Remote Company

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