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No matter where your data is or how your business uses it, NetApp brings it all together in a carefully choreographed symphony of software. And hardware. And the world’s biggest clouds. It’s called your data fabric. Cue the encore.

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What we do

Your data fabric awaits

For nearly three decades, NetApp has supported customers like DreamWorks Animation, AstraZeneca, and Dow Jones accelerate their unique data fabrics and extend their workflows into a hybrid cloud environment with the right tools and right capabilities. Understanding the six key elements of a data fabric is the first step (giant leap) in helping you get wherever it is you want to go.

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Modernize your data center

Adopt a cloud-like operating model to help all things IT run smarter, faster, safer, and with fewer pants-on-fire moments.

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Get more cloud for less

Scale cloud operations while avoiding the waste, inefficiency, and other pitfalls that make your bottom line weep.

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Accelerate application delivery

Utilize cloud native technologies and practices to accelerate application delivery, innovation, and your competition’s downward spiral.

On the migration day, it took maybe one hour—and we had all our files safe on Google Cloud.

Nikola Milojević, Chief Technology Officer, The Remote Company, parent company of MailerLite

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NetApp has been used on every CG animated film that’s been produced at DreamWorks.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow, Systems Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation

2020 was a phenomenal year. Millions in savings, but also millions of growth, based on the Azure NetApp Files environment.

Reinhard Meister, CEO and President, CONA Services

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I think where Spot by NetApp really shines is excellent support, constant communication, and a great interface that is simple, concise, and clear.

Vaibhav Puranik, SVP of Engineering, GumGum

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NetApp and AWS

Take AWS from enterprise-grade to enterprise-great. Get cloud agility and scalability with performance, high availability, and data protection that you’d expect in the data center.

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NetApp and Azure

Tackle enterprise complexities and manage your data anywhere. NetApp technology gives you world-class data management with the performance, simplicity, and cost savings you need to migrate your most challenging workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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NetApp and Google Cloud

Get agility, scalability, and security in Google Cloud—precisely what your digital transformation needs. Simplify for critical workloads and use Google's advanced analytics capabilities to solve your toughest challenges.

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And the award goes to…

NetApp. We're proud of the praise bestowed on us for empowering customers to rethink the future, embrace cloud, and get the most out of their data. We provide a foundation to store, manage, and protect it everywhere.

Our history of innovation

NetApp got its start back in 1992, when using the internet meant dialing up and hearing beeps, crackles, and eeps. By tech company standards we've seen it all, and we've not only survived, we've thrived. See where we’ve been and how we’ve adapted to each new wave of change through innovation.

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Take NetApp for a risk-free spin

Through free software trials and lab-structured product test drives, we help you feel secure in your decision to move forward with NetApp. There has never been a better time for your digital transformation, so get started today.

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