Cloud Manager: Hybrid multicloud management made easy

NetApp® Cloud Manager provides hybrid multicloud unified management. With Cloud Manager, you can discover and deploy infrastructure with point-and-click simplicity. Enjoy flexible consumption, while enabling the entire suite of services in NetApp Cloud Volumes.

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Why NetApp Cloud Manager?

Enterprise-class management keeps you in control of your cloud

NetApp Cloud Manager gives you single point-of-control access across your enterprise's data storage infrastructure to help simplify operations. It provides flexible consumption models that blend technical needs with business requirements. FinOps is smiling already.


Cloud Manager delivers on the promise of hybrid multicloud environment unified management with simplified operations through a single pane-of-glass, and flexible consumption.

Unified Management

Deliver management that enables you to discover, deploy, and manage your on-premises and cloud-resident NetApp ONTAP® and non-NetApp systems—regardless of location, from a single point-of-control, giving you the ‘Easy Button’.

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Simplified operations

Streamline management across your entire data landscape with point-and-click simplicity from a single pane of glass. Prescriptive analytics and AIOps integrate and automate everything, and with the tools you know and love.

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Flexible consumption

An innovative, integrated digital wallet provides flexible consumption, including Keystone management. Exchange, convert, extend, and reallocate your resources, blending operational needs with business and FinOps requirements for a win-win scenario.

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We love a good win-win-win

In its three recent Radar reports, GigaOm ranked NetApp #1 in Primary Storage for Large Enterprises, Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems, and Cloud File Systems.


NetApp Cloud Manager delivers powerful, comprehensive data infrastructure landscape management. It also enables unified service and consolidates and streamlines operations—all from a single web-based UI with integrated analytics.

Create specialists from generalists

AIOps-enabled self-service functionality lets you integrate and automate data storage infrastructure management, while reducing overall risks. Third-party service integration is simple with RESTful API automation.

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Simplify with integrated entitlement management

Digital Wallet protects investments with the ability to ‘exchange’ licenses for different services, ‘convert’ licenses from one service to another, and discover, provision, invoice, manage, and reallocate your NetApp Keystone subscriptions. Bring any undiscovered ONTAP® system into Cloud Manager with point-and-click simplicity.

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Prepare, detect, protect, recover

Cyber resilience mapping identifies volumes that aren't backed up, sensitive information that is exposed, anomalies of suspicious user behavior, user audit trails, and actionable insights, from Cloud Manager’s Ransomware Protection dashboard.

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The more you know, the better

 Integration with NetApp Cloud Insights and NetApp Active IQ® provides full analytics in each managed environment. Immediately, you'll see capacity utilization, performance information, and proactive, actionable insights.

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Automated deployment templates

Create standardized deployment templates based on business requirements, including Logical If templates for executing criteria-based actions. Apply templates to provision resources, enable services, and act based on certain criteria.

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Don’t just take our word for it

NetApp customers around the globe are in the same situations as you. They've been able to streamline the management of their hybrid multicloud environments with Cloud Manager. See what they're saying—then get ready to start simplifying your life.

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NetApp technology helped with our hybrid multicloud approach by making the data agnostic to the platform that it is running on. Working with the NetApp team to build our data strategy was proven to be a massive success.

—Scott Hunter, Global Infrastructure Services Director, AstraZeneca

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I can move content back and forth very easily. I can replicate data from Azure back on premises again if I need to reverse it. It just became a fairly seamless and simple process when Azure no longer looks like this cloud entity—for our storage, it just looked like a NetApp controller.

—Richard Tayman, CIO and Director of IT for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice


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With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and the management and orchestration tools, have allowed us to see everything in a single pane of glass and manage all systems within a single cloud manager.

—Noah Brunn, Manager, IT Infrastructure, Arc’teryx

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NetApp’s Cloud Manager automation capabilities are very good because it’s REST API driven, so we can completely automate everything. It has a good overview if you want to have a look into your environment as well.

—Christian Gruetzner, Service Architect, All for One Group AG

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Unlock the best of cloud

Did you know that the top three hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, and Google—asked us to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime? 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

“The work we are doing together to support our customers’ need for hybrid cloud infrastructure has been breakthrough work.”

—Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

“We are very happy to be working with NetApp to deliver joint solutions where we meet the customer on their cloud journey, where they are.”

—Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud



“It’s great to have our engineers—and the synergies of our two companies—going all the time.”

—Bill Vass, VP of Engineering, AWS

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Unleash your applications with NetApp Cloud Volume platform

Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data service consistently delivered across your choice of cloud.

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