AFF C190 Storage System: Entry-level, all-flash goodness

Growing storage needs? Limited resources? You’re in luck. The NetApp® AFF C190 storage system delivers all the benefits of flash storage, but at a lovely little price. Yup, big enterprise-grade features, now within your small enterprise’s reach.

AFF C190 hardware

Why NetApp entry-level, all-flash storage?

One system to rule every workload

All-flash storage systems are critical for speeding up enterprise applications and creating a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure. They provide comprehensive data services, integrated data protection, seamless scalability, new levels of performance, and cloud integration. That said, the high cost of all-flash systems forces most small enterprises to stick with hard disk storage. Or at least it used to. With NetApp’s AFF C190 entry-level storage system, the benefits of all-flash are no longer out of reach. Not only is it easy to install and deploy, it provides the security you need with the flexibility to connect to cloud—all at a lovely little price.

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The AFF C190 couldn’t be any simpler to manage

Provision storage in minutes, manage file and block data on a single system, and reduce overall storage costs by effortlessly connecting to your choice of public cloud providers. You’re going to love the all-flash life.

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AFF A-Series all-flash arrays: simple, smart, speedy

Need a little (or a lot) more performance for your critical business applications? Look no further than our NetApp® AFF A-Series all-flash arrays. They deliver the award-winning speed and responsiveness your performance-sapping workloads demand. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the jaw-dropping efficiency in no time at all.

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Still need convincing that all-flash storage is for you?

It’s a big step moving from hard drives to all-flash storage. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five persuasive (unbiased, we promise) reasons why you should ditch hard drives in the name of modernizing your data center. Ready to be convinced?

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Evaluating storage should never involve guesswork, rolls of the dice, or stabs in the dark

Capacity. Performance. Data protection. There’s a lot to consider when evaluating a move to entry-level, all-flash storage. No sweat. We’ve broken it all down in an easy-to-understand guide, so you can move forward quickly and confidently. And with the blindfold off.

Modernize Your IT with Affordable All-Flash Storage

The NetApp AFF C190 is only available for purchase through our channel partners. Contact sales to get you in touch with a channel partner, or find a channel partner directly to get started.

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Join the all-flash arrays discussions

Get the latest Community news and information from our portfolio of flash storage solutions.

On-demand webinar

Entry all-flash storage with no compromises. Learn how you can upgrade from your legacy HDD to an all-flash solution that’s simple, smart, and secure.

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