Discovery, mapping, and classification of unstructured and structured data with Cloud Data Sense

Driven by powerful AI algorithms, NetApp® Cloud Data Sense provides automated controls and reporting so that you can always stay on top of your data.

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Data governance at its best

No matter where your data lives, make smarter decisions based on more efficient data analysis. Cloud Data Sense helps improve business efficiency and cost optimization through automatic discovery, mapping, and classification of your data.

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Start with Cloud Data Sense

Simplify it all—discovery, classification, and labeling—with powerful automation.

Master data governance

Employ data management that aligns with relevant policies and regulations, supported by automated actions and permission management.

Data security and privacy

Sift through cluttered data for human profiles while respecting privacy regulations.

NetApp Cloud Data Sense is easy to deploy

NetApp® Cloud Data Sense is easy to deploy. Simply activate your account, initiate the AI-driven analysis on your data, and then review the available reports to assess any required remediation steps.

It's easy: Activate your account, set up the AI-driven analysis of your data, then check the reports for next steps.

Understand all of your data wherever it lives

Cloud Data Sense gives you X-ray vision into a long and growing list of data sources. In the cloud, on premises, or both, and no matter whether it's structured or unstructured, analyze your data with ease.

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Cloud Data Sense helped us save over 50% on our storage costs

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Data security with a global lens

Sensitive data must be handled carefully and with discernment. NetApp's business is international, which means that your data security is backed by a team of data experts who are fluent in global privacy and compliance.

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Demonstrate data privacy and compliance

Take control of your data and provide real-time compliance support—no extra effort needed.

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Employ NetApp compliance and privacy controls

Reduce response time to minutes for subject access requests with automated reports.

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Automate compliance communication

Share compliance program information with security and compliance teams in real time.

The benefits of context

Using the power of AI, NetApp Cloud Data Sense outranks its competitors' accuracy in detection and classification, instead providing a contextual presentation of your data.

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"Set and forget" style reporting

Use custom policies to build dashboard analytics that fit your storage footprint; receive alerts if anything needs your attention.

Tailored to modern data types and scale

Driven by AI, Cloud Data Sense uses data context to identify and secure sensitive data.

Automated data categorization

Identify a wide variety of personal data and sensitive personal information patterns.

Turnkey solution

Immediately gain insight into structured and unstructured data in the cloud or on premises.

Automated alerting and reporting

Receive vital data health and protection reports in minutes.

Reduced TCO

Optimize data health, storage, and retention policies to reduce your storage costs.

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Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data services delivered consistently across your choice of cloud.

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