Diversity, inclusion & belonging at NetApp

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Impact through people

We believe diversity, inclusion, and belonging leads to: more innovation, better access to talent, and improved business outcomes. Our strategies are intended to increase the demographic and cognitive diversity of our employee population, promote a culture of inclusion—and to leverage such diversity to achieve business results.

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From our leaders: George Kurian, CEO

“We believe that the strongest and most creative teams have the best talent, are unified in purpose, and diverse in thought and background representing the customers and communities we serve.”

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From our leaders: Debra McCowan, CHRO

“The fabric of our culture and the true potential of our business come to life through the diverse nature of our global workforce. At NetApp we truly believe that our ongoing commitment to diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging is a strategic differentiator that motivates us and inspires us to do great things together for our customers, partners and giving back to our communities.”

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NetApp employee affinity groups

Our employee affinity groups serve as cultural catalysts that bring diverse perspectives to NetApp business strategies which advance a more inclusive and global diverse workforce.

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Women in Technology (WIT)

NetApp Women in Technology’s (WIT) supports and fosters a sense of community by providing a forum at NetApp for mentoring, networking, communication, and professional development. The organization exposes women to career opportunities in all fields and influences our corporate culture to further embrace diversity in the workplace.

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NetApp Network of Blacks in Tech (NNBT)

NetApp Network of Blacks in Tech drives strategy that increases visibility and efforts focused on diverse representation, retention, community, and customer outreach to drive business success. The group creates and advances an environment for black employees that fosters career growth, professional development, and contributes to the advancement of the NetApp culture.

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NetApp Veterans (NetVets)

NetVets provides career and professional opportunities to attract, recognize, advance, and retain veteran talent at NetApp. The group leverages veterans’ experience and leadership skills to drive innovation, increase engagement, and expands a community of veterans and their allies to create a great place to work for military personnel.

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Latinos Unidos @ NetApp (LUNA)

LUNA provides a professional and social network to propagate support, mentorship, retention, and success of our Hispanic/Latino employees at NetApp to encourage diverse thought and perspectives in the company and beyond.

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Proud @ NetApp

Proud promotes a safe, open, and inclusive culture that empowers the LGBTQ community and allies. It provides a learning environment for employees on LGBTQ matters and workplace policies.

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NetAbled provides advocacy and support for people with invisible and visible disabilities. We partner with Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, and other enterprise groups to drive inclusive practices that promote equity, accessibility and education.

Our vision is a more inclusive and accessible organization where all employees can thrive.

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It takes more than passion to drive diversity, inclusion and belonging—it also takes partnerships. NetApp partners with many external organizations to help us realize our goal of providing a top workplace for each one of our global employees.

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NetApp EEO-1 Diversity Report

The EEO-1 represents employee demographics in the U.S. during the applicable period. Please note that the sum of all categories may not necessarily equal 100% in some instances.

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NetApp 2021 ESG Report

At NetApp, we are proud to foster an environment that celebrates our difference, authenticity, and individuality as strengths—and opportunities to grow together. We are not just a company of products but of people, all working together in the spirit of collaboration.

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