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Natively Launch, Run, and Scale Apps on AWS with Ease

Explore an AWS native storage service called Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSxN), the world’s first fully managed storage service featuring NetApp storage on the AWS global cloud infrastructure. With Amazon FSxN, you can launch, run, and scale fully managed, high-performance file systems in the AWS cloud.

  • Consume FSxN in AWS just like you would in an on-premise datacenter
  • Improve data protection while maintaining compliance
  • Deploy applications in minutes with true multiprotocol support

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

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Detecting and Classifying Data in the Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise data estates are growing exponentially, making it harder than ever for IT and compliance teams to gain insight into the data they collect and protect it. NetApp Cloud Data Sense solves all that. This lab demonstrates the use of Cloud Manager and Data Sense in a completely isolated environment.

  • Automated scanning of storage resources to map and classify private and sensitive data
  • Reporting and enforcing of governance and compliance policies and regulations
  • Respond to Data Subject Access Requests

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Simplify Management of Your Hybrid Cloud

Explore how to simplify and centralize management and monitoring of your hybrid cloud environment with cost-effective delivery of traditional storage services in the cloud.

  • Deploy a storage cluster in either Azure, GCP or AWS
  • Discover an on-premises storage system for centralized management
  • Create a data protection relationship for the hybrid cloud

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Transform Your Data Center with Cloud-like Storage Flexibility

This lab will walk you through leveraging the flexibility of a subscription-based storage model with monthly billing offering companies with quickly changing business environments an alternative to purchasing storage systems.

  • Performing administration tasks such as server and user management and reporting
  • Day to day operations such as managing and protecting storage shares
  • Leveraging the API interface for dev/ops or automation purposes

Estimated Time: 40 minutes

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Protection and Recovery from Ransomware

This lab will walk you through configuring an ONTAP storage system to protect your data against a ransomware attack using new ransomware protection features in ONTAP.

  • Use ONTAP’s machine learning capability to analyze workloads to detect anomalies in user activity and leverage tools for recovery
  • Take steps to prevent any alteration or deletion of data
  • Execute an automated remediation plan using ONTAP’s REST API and Ansible

Estimated Time: 55 minutes

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Deploy New Storage Systems Sooner

A simplified storage system management interface enables IT generalists to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems without having to first become experts. This lab demonstrates how easy it is to set up and manage NetApp storage systems and quickly provision storage to deliver multi-protocol data services.

  • Discover how simple it has become to rapidly deploy a new storage system
  • Quickly provision storage to begin delivering data services sooner
  • Learn how System Manager makes day-to-day cluster management easy for IT Generalists

Estimated Time: 40 minutes

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Implement and Manage Enterprise Object Storage Across a Hybrid Cloud

This lab highlights how you can use multi-location object storage to gain the benefits of centralized efficient storage management, low latencies where necessary, and high availability of client data access.

  • Create a hybrid cloud deployment for object storage
  • Monitor daily activities of object storage
  • Secure object data to meet regulatory requirements

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Securing ONTAP with Zero Trust Principles and End-to-End Encryption

This lab introduces the concept of Zero Trust security architecture and explores how ONTAP enables you to implement Zero Trust principles throughout your storage infrastructure, with an emphasis on end-to-end encryption and other security hardening best practices

  • Use ONTAP’s virtual server and network technology, robust access controls, and industry-leading FPolicy filesystem event notification system to powerfully implement the Zero Trust model in your environment
  • Take advantage of ONTAP’s built-in Role Based Access Controls to put the least privileged access philosophy into practice.
  • Use ONTAP’s SecurePurge and SnapLock to have peace-of-mind about your high risk data

Estimated Time: 55 minutes

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Discover Efficient, Block Level Storage Tiering for Greater Storage Cost Efficiency

Enable automated tiering using object storage to store inactive (cold) data in the private cloud to free up fast and expensive SSD storage for more active (hot) data.

  • Determine inactive data through reporting
  • Set up storage tiering to work with private cloud storage
  • Create a policy to move data based on thresholds

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

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Achieve New Levels of Performance and Efficiency for Consistent Data Protection

Explore how NetApp delivers unique functionality to accelerate consistent data protection and reduce cost. This lab will highlight a database use case to demonstrate how backup and space-efficient replication are simplified with NetApp technology.

  • Demonstrate storage-efficiency management
  • Create a data protection policy and protect a database
  • Provide geographic protection with replication

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

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Easily Deploy and Clone Persistent Storage for containerized workloads

Quickly and easily self-provision persistent storage using the native Kubernetes command line.

  • Create a Persistent Volume (PV)
  • Create a Snapshot and Clone a PV
  • Resize a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC)

Estimated Time: 40 Minutes

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