NetApp: Who we are

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in San Jose, California, NetApp specializes in helping our customers get the most out of their data with industry-leading cloud data services, storage systems, and software.

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A history of innovation

Riding the waves of change

When NetApp got its start in 1992, using the internet meant dialing up and hearing beeps, crackles, and eeps. By tech company standards we've seen it all. We've not only survived—we’ve anticipated each new wave of change to deliver cutting-edge technology that propels businesses forward.

Today, NetApp brings the enterprise-grade data services you rely on into the cloud, and the simplicity and flexibility of cloud into the data center. And we do it with industry-leading hybrid cloud solutions that work across diverse environments and the world’s biggest public clouds.

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Your data fabric

For nearly three decades, NetApp has supported customers like DreamWorks Animation, AstraZeneca, and Dow Jones accelerate their unique data fabrics and extend their workflows into a hybrid cloud environment with the right tools and right capabilities.

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Cloud connected

Whether you’re developing in the cloud, moving to the cloud, or creating a cloud experience on premises, NetApp and the world’s largest public clouds have been fostering mutually beneficial relationships ever since, well, cloud became a thing.

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NetApp and AWS

Take AWS from enterprise-grade to enterprise-great. Get cloud agility and scalability with performance, high availability, and data protection that you’d expect in the data center.

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NetApp and Azure

Tackle enterprise complexities and manage your data anywhere. NetApp technology gives you world-class data management with the performance, simplicity, and cost savings you need to migrate your most challenging workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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NetApp and Google Cloud

Get agility, scalability, and security in Google Cloud—precisely what your digital transformation needs. Simplify for critical workloads and use Google's advanced analytics capabilities to solve your toughest challenges.

Guided by visionary leaders

Our leadership team is at the forefront of helping you build robust data fabrics to drive your digital transformation. Get to know our leaders’ backgrounds, expertise, and unique qualifications for helping guide our company’s direction and growth.

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Empowering digital transformation through trust

At NetApp, our deep culture of respect, integrity, and teamwork extends beyond our corporate walls to the way we empower our customers to protect their data and their privacy. We earn our customers' trust through transparent commitments to the fundamental principles of privacy and security.

Our values

The following values inform every decision we make—from customer interactions and social causes to designing solutions and supporting our employees. At NetApp, living these values is a choice each of us makes every day.

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Put the customer at the center

You don’t become a deeply trusted, indispensable partner without listening to customers, walking in their shoes, and propelling your orbit with a strong point of view.

Care for each other and our communities

Caring for each other and our communities takes large doses of humility and kindness—mixed with building deep, authentic connections and topped with an unwavering commitment to collaboration.

Build belonging every day

By embedding diversity and inclusion into every decision that we make, we open the door to other voices, different perspectives, and most important, our true potential for innovation.

Embrace a growth mindset

We step out of our comfort zone even when it's scary and learn from both our failures and our successes. This keeps us from stepping into the dreaded fixed-mindset quicksand.

Think and act like owners

Showing up with our A game, being accountable, and acting with speed and integrity are the keys to unlocking the sense of ownership that's necessary to create the future.

Our values in action

How we bring our values to life is core to who we are. From giving back to the community to minimizing our environmental impact, see how we're putting our values to work in meaningful ways.

Investing in our communities

Across the globe, we're finding ways to improve the lives of those in the communities where NetApp employees live and work—especially in the areas of education, food insecurity, and homelessness.

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Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

We incorporate diversity, inclusion, and belonging into our culture, values, and business practices.

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Our environmental impact

Our products and services meet and exceed international environmental standards and achieve continual improvement.

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Partnering with suppliers

We hold our suppliers to the highest ethical and legal standards, as well as to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Jobs in Cork: Join the NetApp team

Apply to join the NetApp team at our new international headquarters in Cork, Ireland. We're excited to meet you.

Accolades: NetApp rises above

NetApp is setting new industry benchmarks and winning accolades in the process. We're proud of the praise bestowed on us for empowering customers to rethink the future, embrace cloud, and get the most out of their data. We provide a foundation to store, manage, and protect your data everywhere.

Award winners

Investor resources

From interactive financials and quarterly reports to upcoming events and corporate governance, get all the nitty-gritty investor details you need in one convenient location.

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