You have stateful applications. NetApp has persistent storage.

Wherever you choose to deploy your containerized workloads (on-prem, cloud, multicloud) NetApp has the comprehensive data management solutions you need.

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Why NetApp for containers?

Persistent storage for containers made easy

At NetApp, we believe in container technology and continue to drive innovations that deliver and manage persistent storage for any application, in any location. Astra Trident makes it easier than ever for containerized applications to consume persistent storage on demand.

The growing ecosystem for application containers can improve usability and augment deployments. Improve DevOps workflows using Astra Trident with popular container platforms like Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker EE, and Rancher.

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With Trident, we were able to solve for persistent storage quickly and painlessly. We scheduled an afternoon to get Trident up and running, and we were done in less than an hour. We used that extra time to grab a beer to celebrate the quick win.

Jeff Spahr, Infrastructure Architect, Bandwidth

Using Trident enables dynamic storage provisioning from Kubernetes so users don’t need to worry about storage, greatly improving the usability of our AI learning platform. When we found out how effective Trident could be, we knew it just had to be NetApp.

Masaya Aoyama, Infrastructure Engineer/Developer Expert (Kubernetes/Cloud Native), AI Business Unit, CyberAgent 

Get started with Astra Trident now

Ready to stop reading and start doing? Jump into our GitHub repository for Astra Trident and get started today.

Kubernetes is ready for data

NetApp is bringing the full force of its data management expertise to the world of cloud native. Astra is a platform designed to unlock the power of Kubernetes to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity, and enhance IT operational efficiencies. Achieve data-rich application mobility and protection on-premises and in the cloud with NetApp.

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Keep your data safe and sound

Unprotected data is a disaster waiting to happen. And traditional data protection approaches aren’t keeping pace with IT complexity and growing threats. With NetApp, you can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud without sacrificing application performance. Plan backups and disaster recovery. Increase privacy and compliance. Prevent ransomware. Stay ahead of emerging threats. Smart, right?

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Curious about our technologies and want to know their full potential? NetApp Master Classes explore how our solutions impact workflows. Complete with lectures, visual aids, and Q&As.

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