Cloud Tiering: Wicked intelligent data growth management

Are you ready to outsmart data growth without even trying? NetApp® Cloud Tiering helps you manage your data growth and maintain your primary storage footprint with ease. Grow, baby, grow.

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Why NetApp®️ for data tiering?

Cold data management at its brainiest

Powered by FabricPool technology, NetApp Cloud Tiering provides intuitive management of unstructured data by placing your cold data at the right tier, at the right time, and according to your defined policies. Just like that, the savings are yours—from a single point-of-control. In other words, set it, forget it, and save. Cloud Tiering's genius takes care of the rest.


Cloud Tiering is specifically designed to help you optimize storage costs, simplify ITOps, and streamline your hybrid multicloud environment.

More storage for less cost

Recapture, on average, 80% of available high-performance storage resulting in ~40% total cost of storage ownership. Save time with unified tiering management.

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Set it and forget it

Zero application or workflow impact. Use its predefined tiering policies, or intuitive customization wizard, to automate, with transparent access to tiered (cold) data. Take the work out of data tiering and simplify your ITOps.

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Extend resources

Extend high-performance storage capacity for more workloads. Develop storage tiering strategy to meet your needs. Simple first step to hybrid multicloud strategy.

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We love a good win-win-win

In its three recent Radar reports, GigaOm ranked NetApp #1 in Primary Storage for Large Enterprises, Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems, and Cloud File Systems.Source: GigaOm, Data Storage for the Hybrid Multicloud Era, January 25, 2022

How it works

Infrequently accessed and updated (aged) data blocks are discovered and moved to lower-cost, object-based storage, which recaptures overall high-performance (expensive) storage capacity.

Step 1: Discover

Automatically discover your on-premises NetApp ONTAP® or Cloud Volumes ONTAP clusters and volumes. Create or connect to the object storage service of your choice.

Step 2: Tier

Set your tiering targets and define your tiering policies. Your volumes and data are placed at the right tier at the right time based on its usage.

Step 3: Manage

Manage, monitor, and adjust policies to better suit your needs and achieve higher savings.

Step 4: Save

Integrated dashboard provides real-time and historical savings data. Simply sit back, relax, and let Cloud Tiering take it from there.


Cloud Tiering enables intelligent data growth management.

Integrated data analysis

Ongoing analysis instantly identifies just how much of your data is aged or infrequently accessed, reporting how much capacity can be recaptured


Tiering based on your requirements

Select from predefined policies or customize to meet your needs. Intuitive wizard creates destination volume, data movement efficiencies, and automation schedule—all with point-and-click simplicity.

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Your savings, your dashboard

Your tiering dashboard includes real-time and historical reporting on data optimization, actual savings, and actionable recommendations to further increase savings.

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Unified tiering management

A single point-of-access from a powerful web GUI, provides a comprehensive view of all tiered instances and environments. There's no software to install or hardware to manage.

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See for yourself

Still not sure? See your potential savings by using our handy Cloud Tiering TCO calculator.

Don’t just take our word for it

NetApp customers around the globe are in the same situations as you. They've found the answers to meet their economic, IT simplification, and infrastructure management needs with Cloud Tiering, powered by FabricPool. See what they're saying—then calculate the savings for yourself.

Connecting the on-prem device to object storage on AWS allows us to not only save money but also scale our on-prem environments.

Marcus Masching, Head of IT Computing Services, Festo


We have over 130 scientists doing ongoing research on missions that impact everything from climate change to solar physics and all sorts of amazing things. The NetApp solution allows them to more easily collaborate and be much, much more effective.

Alex Green, IT systems architect, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, CU Boulder


Object storage is a viable option for many use cases and worth going for it. All you need is talking to your personal contact at SVA.

Andreas Müller, Product Manager Managed Cloud Services, SVA


For me, NetApp benefits are data management, ease of use, and support. Active IQ is brilliant. I have never seen a vendor with such proactive support.

Director for Data Center and Managed Services, European Media Company

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Your choice of cloud

Review our documentation to learn how to tier cold data to your choice of cloud object storage.



NetApp and AWS maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure, and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements.

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Google Cloud

NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning.


Microsoft Azure

Together, NetApp and Microsoft help you deliver leading NetApp cloud data services as your own for a seamless experience that customers expect from the cloud.

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Unleash your applications with NetApp Cloud Volume platform

Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data service that's consistent across your choice of cloud.

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