Cloud Sync: Data synchronization done right

Secure, fast, automated. Yup, NetApp® Cloud Sync is about to be your new favorite, easy-to-use cloud replication and synchronization service for rapidly transferring file and object data between on-premises and cloud datastores, securely and economically.

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Why NetApp Cloud Sync?

Easy, quick, secure, and economical data transfer

NetApp’s Cloud Sync delivers a comprehensive solution for data migration, transfer, and synchronization. It's flexible enough to determine what needs to be moved from any source to any target—quickly, securely, and economically, from a single point of control. Configure, initiate, and automate your migration and synchronization; then let Cloud Sync do the rest.


Cloud Sync is specifically designed to help you move data from and to anywhere you need—easily, quickly, securely, economically, and with minimal impact.

Easy data migration

Flexible, intuitive, simplified data migration and synchronization, from any combination of source and target. 

Quick data transfer

Parallel transfer of over 200 files at once equals, on average, 10 times faster transfer rates. Real-time synchronization with zero performance or access impact. 

Ultimate security

Data stays in your environment, is encrypted, and has proxy server support during transfer.

Optimized economics

Synchronization time billing, easy management, and instant productivity save time and resources, with no upfront costs.

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We love a good win-win-win

In its three recent Radar reports, GigaOm ranked NetApp #1 in Primary Storage for Large Enterprises, Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems, and Cloud File Systems.Source: GigaOm, Data Storage for the Hybrid Multicloud Era, January 25, 2022

How it works

See just how easy and flexible data migration can be.

Step 1: Design

Design strategy: transfer once, full migration, or continual sync.

Step 2: Define

Define the file system source and target, and select the specific source resource.

Step 3: Select

Select the data broker that best suits your needs and optimization.

Step 4: Configure

Configure the sync settings, including source and target volumes and directories.

Step 5: Review and create

Review and name the configuration; then create it.

Step 6: Monitor and manage

Monitor status, manage relationships, and see results.


Cloud Sync gives you what you need for moving and migrating data across your hybrid multicloud environment.

You choose

Choose your desired source and target, any combination of location—on-premises, cloud, with multiple protocols. It doesn’t even have to be NetApp storage.


Accessible and reliable

"SaaS delivered" means no software to install, no hardware to maintain, accessible from anywhere, and highly reliable. Administrators can access Cloud Sync anytime and on any device.

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Wizard driven

Built-in wizards make it easy to initiate, configure, create, and automate your synchronization instances with point-and-click simplicity.

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API driven

Our intuitive web-based GUI and APIs allow you to establish your synchronization relationships quickly, with drag-and-drop functionality.

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Don’t just take our word for it

NetApp customers around the globe are in the same situations as you. They've found the answers to simplifying their data migration, transfer, and synchronization with Cloud Sync. See what they're saying—then get ready to start doing data synchronization right.

Providing a solution in cloud where they don’t have to make any application changes, we could migrate them and still have all the capabilities of on-premises integration into our Active Directory and our DNS. It was a natural choice for us to move to NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP with Cloud Sync.

Santhanakannan Ramasamy, IT Strategy and Digitalization Solution Architect, Siemens Healthineers

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Unlock the best of cloud

Did you know that the top three hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, and Google—asked us to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime?



NetApp and AWS maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure, and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements.

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Google Cloud

NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning.


Microsoft Azure

Together, NetApp and Microsoft help you deliver leading NetApp cloud data services as your own for a seamless experience that customers expect from the cloud.

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Unleash your applications with NetApp Cloud Volume platform

Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data service that's consistent across your choice of cloud.

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